Fascial Stretch Therapy™

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy™?


"FST is a science based system of movement based stretching. Assessments of function and mobility determine the specific parameters of stretching to be applied in order to achieve positive outcomes in client function. As a consequence of improving client function, pain may be eliminated or improve."

We bet you didn’t know...


  • 47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joints.

  • 42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia.

  • Isolated static muscle stretching doesn’t work.

  • Dynamic fascial stretching does work!​


What can FST™ do for me?

  • Reduce tightness in muscles.

  • Reduce stiffness in joints.

  • Make you feel and look younger.

  • Make you stronger.

  • Make you taller.

  • Reduce pain.

Stretch to Win – Fascial Stretch Therapy®

does all this and much more!

Learn more about FST™

We are extremely proud
and honored to offer the 
ONLY Certified FST™
specialist in the area! 

• 1 to 1 Private Session

• Reduce or Eliminate Pain

• Improve Mobility

• Reduce Mental & Physical Stress

• Improve performance

• And So Much More…

Interested in your first FST™ experience?

Take your first step towards feeling better with a 15 min. Complimentary INTRO Session.

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