August 10, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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Become Greatness

December 11, 2016

LOVE - Live it and Give it. 


We all have dreams. We all have passions. The real question is are we courageous enough to live a life driven by both?  And, by doing so, we can achieve that which matters most, love.


First, let's look at dreams. A dream exists in our minds. Humble thoughts of possibilities shower the quiet moments to give us hope. A hope that allows us to believe in more. No matter how big or small, we must dream. We need to give ourselves the permission to live beyond our limitations. Not only is it ok, but it is imperative that we allow ourselves to creatively see passed the confines of our current state to envision living a life beyond our wildest expectations. If we never see it, it will never happen. 


Once we have accepted the vision of our own greatness, we have to figure out how to realize those dreams. Having a plan is important. Taking action is necessary. What fuels our ability to commit to achieving our dreams?  What reminds us of why our dreams are important to us?  Passion. 


We often overlook passion and hide from defining the specificity of our own passion. We may lack the confidence to pursue passion. We may choose to ignore the voice deep within that screams so softly for attention. That voice is worth listening to. It is our true voice. It is our passion trying to claw its way to the world. In the unguarded moments of true clarity, we must listen with the respect of full attention. Our passion is unique to each of us. Our passion drives us and allows us to experience the feelings of the process. 


Our dreams and passions lay the path to a live of greatness. This is only the path. Progressing along the path is the journey. The destination is LOVE. Love is the answer. Love is the desired outcome. Love is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Love is what it's all about. Experiencing the many forms of love gives life its meaning. Expressing and connecting true, heartfelt love for life and people is why we are here. Being open to the endless opportunities to feel love and show love will guide us from mediocrity to greatness. When we look into the eyes of the one we love, this is when life begins. This is when time stands still. This is the moment when vulnerability welcomes the beauty of what life is all about. 


Be open to your dreams. Be willing to trust your passion. Be ready to live with love. Then, in the end, we will all be filled with greatness. 


Live It & Give It!



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