August 10, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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Know Your FLX Zones

April 29, 2017

Know YOUR FLX Class Zones


How to use MYZONE in our FLX classes to ensure you are maximizing effort, efficiency, and effectiveness to find sound balance of intensities without over doing it.


Here is a breakdown of what to expect in each of our classes.  Remember that fitness level, nutrition, hydration, fatigue, soreness, and a multitude of other variables should be factored in on any given day.  


Please use the following as a guide to find an average output that works best for you.




Probably the most variable due to the periodized nature of our flagship class.

>> Work Intervals:  BLUE 60% to RED 95% depending on loading or unloading phase

>> Rest Intervals:  BLUE 60% to GREEN 70% depending on loading or unloading phase

>> MEPs:  120-155



Higher total output due to the combination of continuous strength & conditioning circuits.

>>  Work Intervals:  GREEN 75% to RED 99% depending on station

>>  Rest Intervals:  BLUE 65% to GREEN 70% depending on station

>>  MEPs:  140-170



Probably the highest total metabolic demand due to higher cardiovascular demand during class.

>>  Work Intervals:  YELLOW 82% to RED 99%

>>  Rest Intervals:  BLUE 65% to GREEN 75%

>>  MEPs:  150-190


FLX 360

Moderate cardiovascular output with emphasis on mobility & utilizing all planes of movement; a great way to create balance in strength, intensity, and enhance athletic capability.

>>  Work Intervals:  BLUE 68% to GREEN 79%, with periodic spikes of YELLOW 80%

>>  Rest Intervals:  DARK GRAY 55% to BLUE 65%

>>  MEPs:  65-95



Our favorite way to actively recover.  Total lower output with emphasis on regeneration, flexibility, and increasing range of motion.

>>  Work Intervals:  BLUE 60% to GREEN 79%, with periodic spikes of YELLOW 80%

>>  Rest Intervals:  DARK GRAY 50% to BLUE 60%

>>  MEPs:  65-90



For men only.  Moderate to high output with emphasis on power, strength, & endurance.

>>  Work Intervals:  GREEN 78% to RED 99%, majority of time in high YELLOW 83-86%

>>  Rest Intervals:  BLUE 68% to GREEN 75%

>>  MEPs:  130-180



For women only.  Moderate to high output combining cardiovascular output & muscular endurance.  

>>  Work Intervals:  GREEN 75% to RED 95%, majority of time in low YELLOW 80-82%

>>  Rest Intervals:  BLUE 65% to GREEN 75%

>>  MEPs:  130-180


Please reach out to us with any questions.


See you in class soon!



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