August 10, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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The Key to Fitness Success

August 21, 2018


When it comes to fitness, WOW, there is a lot of info out there.  


What to do…

When to do it…

What to wear… (gotta look good!)

What to eat…

What not to eat…


Too many options and opinions!


No matter our goals, our interests, or our favorite workout, there is one thing that is a must have for our fitness success…




In order to be successful, we must keep at it and keep at it and keep at it, we can’t stop!


How do we stay consistent?


A goal is not enough. Motivation is not enough.  Even a strong connection to our “why” is not enough. Consistency is the key!


There are 3 parts to consistent fitness success:


#1 Plan

In today’s world of fitness, many people aimlessly bounce from class to class, gym to gym to satiate a desire for variety, just for variety sake; or worse, because one class didn’t burn enough calories.  Other fitness enthusiasts do the same thing over and over because it’s what they like. And, some people don’t do anything because they don’t know what to do.


We can do better.


A plan will ensure that we give our minds and our bodies the appropriate attention and challenges to succeed.


Call it a plan or a program, when it comes to training our bodies (or changing our bodies), there must be a balance between stimulus and recovery.  Learning is facilitated by repetition. Progression produces improvement.  Listening to and respecting our bodies is a must have part of the plan.


#2 Do

This one is simple, we have to DO IT!  Some days are easy, some days are hard.  Some days we feel strong, some days we don’t.  We just have to do it!


Now, this doesn’t mean, burn, burn, burn, go, go, go.  This means providing our bodies with a smart approach to getting stronger and moving with high-level energy.


We have to eat, move, recover, and repeat.  And, DO all of it!


#3 Enjoy

There is a better chance of sticking with something, if we enjoy it.  But again, we can’t just take the fitness classes we like and leave the rest of a proper fitness program to someone else.


To be consistent…  


Enjoy the feeling after a great workout.  

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Enjoy seeing other people reach their goals.

Enjoy the work.

Enjoy the process.

Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy becoming a better YOU!


Life is not just a journey, it is an ever-changing landscape of possibility, opportunity, and creativity. We are responsible for our experience in this world.  Take hold and consistently do the things that make you better, to make other people better, to make the world better.

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