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FLX provides a complete, innovative, holistic and evolving training system centered in coaching you to understand the mind/body collaboration, learning to move with strength (not just exercise) and connecting the “dots” for balance.  


Our quality over quantity approach will expedite the learning process by reinforcing the positive.  And, when it comes to bodywork and stretching, we work WITH the body, not on it, for lasting benefits and results.

Our philosophy and culture are built on a foundation of positive MINDSET, clean NUTRITION, purposeful MOVEMENT, and appropriate RECOVERY.


Our thoughts become our actions.  Our actions become our character.  Our character determines the choices we make.  And, we all have a choice.  We choose to practice daily Quiet Time and focus on Personal Development.  This is time to dream, reflect, meditate, express gratitude, and connect.  We take the necessary steps to learn, take action, find passion, and live with purpose.

What we eat and how we eat are essential to our growth, strength, and happiness.  We believe in keeping it simple and clean.  Drink a lot of water, stay away from the junk, eat your protein and veggies.  That’s pretty much it.  Simple?  The effectiveness is in the commitment.  We do get a bit more specific,

when the time is right.



Exercise is much more than a means to burn calories.  As we train our bodies, each workout gives us the opportunity to move better, become stronger, and believe that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to.  We are very proud of our attention to proper, functional movement for long-term success.

Recovery is perhaps the most overlooked component of any health and fitness program.  Ironically, it is the most important.  The hours and effort we spend exercising and laying off the sweets will produce minimal results, unless we take our rest and rebuilding seriously.  This means steadily and consistently incorporating bodywork and various stretching into our daily routine.

Oh, and don’t forget sleep!


In order to succeed, we must first BELIEVE that we can.


– Nikos Kazantzakis

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